Defend the habitats from the Xyxexxian attack in this ZX Spectrum styled score attack shooter!

Colonists are travelling on the RAIL PLATFORM when the XYXEXXIAN FORCES mount a surprise attack. Jumping into the cockpit of the platform's defence ship, you switch your targetting on and brace yourself for the oncoming ships.

Do you have what it takes to protect the colonists from destruction, or will the Xyxexxian zealots destroy you all?


Xyxexxian Attack! is a quick and simple score attack shooting game set over 3 levels. You must protect the pods from destruction by enemy fire by either blocking the shots with your heavily shielded ship, or destroying them before they can shoot. If four pods are destroyed, then the platform is lost and it's Game Over.

Controls: Arrow keys and space OR Xbox controller. ALT+ENTER for full screen. ESC to quit.

DOWNLOAD via ITCH.IO (Windows only. Optimal resolution 1920x1080.)

Date: April 2017 : Design, Coding, Artwork and Music - sunteam_paul.

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