PanicBoss is a download-and-print card game designed around video game characters and locations. Although themed around games on the NEC PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16, many games featured will be familiar to the classic gamer. The game can be played with the full 2 player ruleset, or as a simple trump game or solo experience if you wish.

The Main Game involves moving your characters around the 'board' (comprised of a set of location cards) and trying to capture tokens and bring them back to your goal. You must be prepared to fight your opponent and also take on the powerful boss cards that rampage around the game area - these bosses can be devastating, but are of high value if defeated.

To play the game, just download the file from the link below. The zip file contains full instructions and all the cards ready to print and play. The only other things you'll need are a pair of dice and some objects to represent tokens (coins will do fine).

This is a free, fan made game which has been designed purely out of nostalgia and love of the games we all used to play. Enjoy.


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