Famed galactic troubleshooter Grelox is out on a contract to the distant planet of Aeon. There have been rumours that the crime boss, Lady Mandrill, has been tunnelling into the planet in search of something ancient and dangerous. Spurred on by a desire for justice and a very large payout, Grelox guns her engines and lands on the planet to explore...

On the map screen, the player can choose either one of two stages. Once both stages are complete, you can progress to the next area. In each stage you will encounter locked doors. These are opened by accessing the security terminals. Push UP in front of a terminal to hack it. Each of three terminals must be hacked to progress. There is a master door leading to the main terminal, which can be opened by collecting a RED PASSCARD and a BLUE PASSCARD that are somewhere in each stage. Once you reach the main terminal, jump on to the platform to disable it and finish the stage.

For the best experience, Grelox has been designed to be played with an Xbox360 controller for Windows. If you do not have a controller, you may also use Cursors with Left Ctrl and Left Alt.


(Windows only. Optimal resolution 1920x1080.)

Grelox is © Paul Weller / Sunteam 2019
Music © and composed by Galgox

CHEAT CODES (highlight to reveal):
Push D on the title screen to activate. During the game, HOME unlocks all doors on the current screen and END increases your life.
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